Our Services

Our Services

Al-Yousr Integrated Business Company is specialized in caring out construction and facility maintenance work and providing relevant services with the highest quality that meets the international standards. This is achieved through employing the most reliable state-of-the-art technology operated by professional human resources highly qualified and well-trained to perform such work efficiently. The company provides the following services at market-competitive prices:

Maintenance Work

1 - Operation and maintenance of HVAC systems;
2 - Operation and maintenance of cooling systems;
3 - Operation and maintenance of light current systems;
4 - Operation and maintenance of fire alarm systems;
5 - Operation and maintenance of fire fighting systems;
6 - Operation and maintenance of feed and drainage systems related to sanitary work Architectural Work such as:
Erection work;
Facades & Glass
Floors; Ceilings; Walls;
Display units; Furniture and furnishings

Contracting work

1. Construction work;
2. Finishing Work;
3. Supplemental Work

Facility Management:

1 - Office building relocation
2 - Event management
3 - Office building Management