Our Vision

Our Vision and Strategy

Al-Yousr management has a firm belief that continuity and growth in a competitive way depends on commitment vis-à-vis the following parties:


Full understanding and seeking to fulfill client’s requirements, particularly in respect of service quality through: Focus is given to understanding the client’s current and future needs; Fulfilling the client’s requirements beyond their expectations and at competitive prices; Achieving client satisfaction and effective handling of their complaints; Developing and updating services on an ongoing basis to keep abreast with all future changes; Winning the client’s trust and opening communications channels with them; Setting up plans required for carrying out maintenance work as per the client’s needs; and Applying all occupational safety and health procedures to preserve both the facilities and individuals.


Choosing the most efficient suppliers in terms of quality of the supplied items and compliance with supply period, along with the company’s commitment to establishing firm relations with them for a sole purpose; namely, quality of service. Suppliers are chosen by way of follow up and ongoing assessment of their performance through:
1- Choosing the most efficient suppliers based on commitment to the supply periods for all raw materials and services;
2- Their services meet the contractual specifications;
3-Suitable prices and quality assurance;
4- Ongoing assessment of the suppliers’ performance and setting the appropriate criteria for choosing the best suppliers;

Work Atmosphere

Creating appropriate and conductive work atmosphere is one of the objectives to which the company’s management attaches considerable importance, for the purpose of service quality. In addition, the company’s management seeks to satisfy, inspire, and involve the employees in development. The work environment has the following characteristics:
General atmosphere characterized by collective work; Scientific management with fact-based decisions employed by the company to achieve preset targets;
Commitment to quality is a behavior of all employees to support and develop service quality on an ongoing basis; The staff is looking for excellence in service quality Providing appropriate resources (human, equipment, materials, finance); Eligibility is a prerequisite for occupying positions and continuous training of employees to help them acquire the skills required for service provision and operation methods; Creating an atmosphere of mutual trust between department heads and subordinates


We are looking forward to upgrade the service provided to our clients on an ongoing basis, exceeding their expectations, and creating added value for their work environment through overcoming maintenance problems which impede workflow. We also strive to create a positive and conductive work environment for our staff. For this end, the company is committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified employees able to work with high professionalism. The company is also committed to inspiring and training the staff to develop their knowledge, skills, and potentials. The company is expecting high level of performance, craftsmanship, effective and competent work. For Al Yousr, all employees, without exception, should be involved in development, excellence, and innovation process, through creating an atmosphere of mutual trust for putting the ideas across, discussing performance obstacles, providing appropriate solutions to avoid frequent occurrence.


This indicates a family spirit prevails in the work environment for staff, distinct cooperation, and collective work for the sake of meeting the client’s needs. The foremost characteristics of our staff: Department directors, division heads, as well as all employees at all levels take part in making the decisions to remedy the troubles related to quality system improvement; Upgrading the work environment for the company’s employees and providing job stability; Organizing entertainment activities for employees and their families; Taking preventive measures and providing health insurance to protect the general health of our employees; Raising employees’ awareness on the importance, objectives, concepts, and quality policy adopted by the company; Strict conformity with occupational health and safety rules to protect the individuals and avoid accidents.